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Heidelberg 102 Online System (2003)
Heidelberg 102 Online System (2003)
Kategorie: Computer-to-Plate

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Perfecta 132 UC (2000)
Perfecta 132 UC (2000)
Kategorie: Cutting

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Bobst Farma 36 (1978)
Bobst Farma 36 (1978)
Kategorie: Foldingbox - gluing

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Heidelberg GTO 52 (1996)
Heidelberg GTO 52 (1996)
Kategorie: 1 Color

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Technical specifications

Post Press Equipment Asitrade Splicer ARES-IV

Asitrade Splicer ARES-IV

Manufacturer: Asitrade
Type: Corrugated
Description English:

PRESENTATION Combination of splicer ARES and mill roll stand ARS. They are matched to meet today's laminator or microgator production needs.

Designed to enhance the production, particulary for medium and high-speed applications on our In-line laminators with any kind of paper. Your single source supplier for custom made solutions.

  Splicer ARES

  • Splicer pays for itself in waste savings and productivity improvement
  • Splicing can be done at full production speed
  • Average line speed is increased
  • Lost production from missed splices is reduced
  • Tension can be set for a variety of paper weights and qualities
  • End of roll waste is reduced to a minimum
  • Warp from poor tension control is eliminated
  • Board quality is improved with consistent production speeds
Mill roll stand ARS
  • Rigid mechanical design
  • Ultrasonic tension control allows for perfect flute formation at high speeds even with the lightest papers
  • Forced air-cooled brakes
  • Precise web alignment






Paper weights80 - 300 g/m216 - 70 lbs/msf
Width, max.1'650 mm65 in
Machine speed, max250 m/min820 ft/m
Accumulator with servodrive
Web tension control
Integrated controls in reel stand desk
Roll width, max1'650 mm65 in
Roll width, min500 mm20 in
Roll diameter, max1'520 mm60 in
Roll diameter, min350 mm14 in
Roll weight, max2'000 kg4'400 lb
Web tension control system

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