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Heidelberg 102 Online System (2003)
Heidelberg 102 Online System (2003)
Kategorie: Computer-to-Plate

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MBO K65/4 KL (1971)
MBO K65/4 KL (1971)
Kategorie: Folders

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Bobst Farma 36 (1978)
Bobst Farma 36 (1978)
Kategorie: Foldingbox - gluing

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Heidelberg SM 74-5-P (2000)
Heidelberg SM 74-5-P (2000)
Kategorie: 5 Colors

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Technical specifications

Post Press Equipment Bourg BB4040

Bourg BB4040

Manufacturer: Bourg
Series: 75B
Type: Binding / Gluing
Description English:




Clamps and block infeed:
A sensor system ensures precise feeding of blocks into the clamps, and an integrated jogger exactly aligns book blocks before the clamp is pneumatically closed.

Central touchscreen:
The BB4040 features a central, ergonomically placed touchscreen for controlling all machine functions. The display is also used to operate additional timer functions, such as the preheating timer for the glue tank and the timer for cover pressing: it also integrates a copy counter and production and error information.

Spine preparation:
The spine tool is equipped withroughing teeth as a standard feature.Especially with difficult papers, this makes the glue securely attach to the sheet edges. This yields a stronger bond. The milling height can be varied between 0 and 3 mm. Height-adjustable notching tools increase the surface area for the hotmelt glue; this optimally prepares the spine for gluing.

Glue application:
The hotmelt glue tank is equipped with two application rollers, a counter – rotating spinner roller and an integrated disk-type side gluing unit. The BB4040 includes electrical control of the gluing lengths on the spine and the sides. To produce without side gluing, this unit is simply disengaged. An optionally available premelter significantly boosts the adhesive binder’s productively even more.

Vertical cover feeder with scoring station:
The cover feeder can be replenished on-the-fly without interrupting production. The feed holds a pile about 500 mm - 19.7 in high. The integrated double scoring unit can be adjusted without any tools.

Cover pressing station:
The cover press is easy to set to the required format. The operator can use the central touchscreen to varying the pressing time, thus directly controlling the quality of the bound products.

The BB4040 is equipped with a belt delivery with four-station stacker.


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