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Heidelberg 102 Online System (2003)
Heidelberg 102 Online System (2003)
Category: Computer-to-Plate

Price [EUR]: your offer please
Kolbus KM 472.A (2000)
Kolbus KM 472.A (2000)
Category: Binding & Gluing

Price [EUR]: Your offer please
Bobst Farma 36 (1978)
Bobst Farma 36 (1978)
Category: Foldingbox - gluing

Price [EUR]: your offer please
manroland 202 E (2005)
manroland 202 E (2005)
Category: 2 Colors

Price [EUR]: please call

English glossary of printing

There are 576 entries in this glossary.
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Term Definition
Calendered finish

produced by passing paper through a series of metal rollers to give a very smooth surface.


the thickness of sheet of paper or board expressed in microns (millionths of a metre). Also the name of the tool used to make the measurement.

Camera Ready

Reflective artwork that needs to be shot with a copy camera to transfer to negative film.

Camera ready

artwork or pasted up material that is ready for reproduction. Cap line - an imaginary line across the top of capital letters. The distance from the the cap line to the baseline is the cap size.


an abbreviation for capital letters.

Caps and small caps

a style of type that shows capital letters used in the normal way while the body copy is set in capital letters which are of a slightly smaller size.


the line or lines of text that refer to information identifying a picture or illustration.


paper coated with chemicals and dye which will produce copies without carbon paper. Also referred to as NCR (No Carbon Required).

Caret marks

an indication to the printer of an ommission in the copy indicated as ( ) showing the insertion.


A truck load of paper weighing 40000 pounds.


a thick general purpose paper used for printing, drawing and wrapping.

Case bind

A type of binding used in making hard cover books using glue.

Case bound

a hardback book made with stiff outer covers. Cases are usually covered with cloth, vinyl or leather.

Cast coated

art paper with a exceptionally glossy coated finish usually on one side only.

Cast off

a calculation determining how much space copy will take up when typeset.

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