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Kodak / Creo Lotem 800 VII (2001)
Kodak / Creo Lotem 800 VII (2001)
Category: Computer-to-Plate

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Kolbus KM 472.A (2000)
Kolbus KM 472.A (2000)
Category: Binding & Gluing

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Bobst Farma 36 (1978)
Bobst Farma 36 (1978)
Category: Foldingbox - gluing

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Heidelberg GTO 52 (1996)
Heidelberg GTO 52 (1996)
Category: 1 Color

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English glossary of printing

There are 576 entries in this glossary.
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Term Definition
Page count

Total number of pages in a book including blanks.

Page Description Language (PDL)

a special form of programming language which enables both text and graphics (object or bit-image) to be described in a series of mathematical statements. Their main benefit is that they allow the applications software to be independent of the physical printing device as opposed to the normal case where specific routines have to be written for each device. Typical PDLs include Interpress, imPress, PostScript and DDL.

Page Printer

the more general (and accurate) name used to describe non-impact printers which produce a complete page in one action. Examples include laser, LED and LCD shutter xerographic printers, ion deposition, electro-erosion and electro-photographic printers.

Page proofs

the stage following galley proofs, in which pages are made up and paginated.


the software program from Aldus Corporation that everyone associates with desktop publishing due to its immense success on the Apple Macintosh. Now available on both the Macintosh and the PC it is still used as a benchmark product although certain aspects of its design are coming under attack from other, more recent, products.


the numbering of pages in a book.


a registered name for an ink colour matching system.

Paper plate

a short run offset printing plate on which matter can be typed directly.

Paragraph mark ( )

a type symbol used to denote the start of a paragraph. Also used as a footnote sign.

Parallel fold

a method of folding; eg two parallel folds will produce a six page sheet.

Paste up

the various elements of a layout mounted in position to form camera-ready artwork.

Pattern carbon

Special carbon paper used in business forms that only transfers in certain areas.

Perfect binding

a common method of binding paperback books. After the printed sections having been collated, the spines will be ground off and the cover glued on.

Perfecting press

A sheet fed printing press that prints both sides of a sheet in one pass.


a printing press which prints both sides of the paper at one pass through the machine.

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