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Heidelberg 102 Online System (2003)
Heidelberg 102 Online System (2003)
Category: Computer-to-Plate

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Kolbus KM 472.A (2000)
Kolbus KM 472.A (2000)
Category: Binding & Gluing

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Bobst Farma 36 (1978)
Bobst Farma 36 (1978)
Category: Foldingbox - gluing

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Heidelberg GTO 52 (1996)
Heidelberg GTO 52 (1996)
Category: 1 Color

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Bobst Media 68-II-A2 (1999)

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Media 68-II-A2
very good -
Box sizerange/width: min 126 mm, max. 680 mm Box sizerange/length: min 60 mm, max. 600 mm materials: folding carton board to 600 gsm, N. F E flute corrugated max. speed - 300 m/min for production of sideseam andlockbottom cartons belt feed from bottom of pile, with vibrator 1st and 3td crease pre-fold section Lockbottom equipment Valco upper glue system with 3 guns Bottom left glue tank with 3 & 5 mm wheels 2nd and 4th crease closing section KAAS glue detection and code reader with lindear ejection of bad cartons C.U.B.E. 1 (Control Unit Bobst Electronic) Belt carrier position indicators 2 Trombone/shingling units
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