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Kodak / Creo Lotem 800 VII (2001)
Kodak / Creo Lotem 800 VII (2001)
Category: Computer-to-Plate

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Perfecta 132 UC (2000)
Perfecta 132 UC (2000)
Category: Cutting

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Bobst Farma 36 (1978)
Bobst Farma 36 (1978)
Category: Foldingbox - gluing

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Heidelberg PM 74-2 (2000)
Heidelberg PM 74-2 (2000)
Category: 2 Colors

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Technical specifications

Post Press Equipment Soma Lamiflex E

Soma Lamiflex E

Coaters & Laminators
Manufacturer: Soma
Series: Lamiflex
Type: Varnish / Laminating
Speed (sheets per hour): 400 m/min
Web Width [mm]: 850/1100/1350/1500 mm
Description English:


The duplex solvent free laminator Lamiflex E, that benefits from increased efficiency while maintaining its competitively priced advantage, represents the state of art of laminating technology on a wide range of substrates including BOPP, PET, PE, LDPE, OPA, CAST PP, AL Foil and Paper.

Technical Parameters Metric Imperial
max. web width 850/1100/1350/1500 mm 33.5/43.3/53.1/59.1 inch
min. web width 300 mm 11.8 inch
max. mechanical speed 400 m/min 1312 fpm
max. rolls diameter 1000 mm 39.4 inch
max. rolls weight 1000 kg 2204.6 lb
unwind tension 20 - 400 N
rewind tension 20 - 500 N
core diameter 76 or 152 mm 3 or 6 inch
dimensions (w×l×h) 2500 (2750;3000;3180)×6200×3000 mm 98.4 (108.3;118.1;125.2)×244:1×118.1 inch
protection CE standards
processed material BOPP, PET, LDPE, PE, OPA, CAST PA, CAST PP, Al foil or paper


Main Benefits


  • speed of 400 m/min
  • on board sleeve changeover system
  • shaft-less unwinds and rewind


  • precise web tension control system - 4 sections
  • parabolic rewind web tension control system
  • minimum web width of 300 mm
  • 3 rollers laminating system
  • laminate cooling prior to rewinding
  • floating sleeve roller placement
  • 3 loops temperature control system


  • intuitive Touch Screen environment
  • recipe system
  • remote communication and diagnostics
  • adjustable exhausting unit over the complete width of the machine
  • rollers wash-up system (3 individual drives)
  • ergonomic and compact design integrates all control units within machine floorplan



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