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Heidelberg 102 SCL (2005)
Heidelberg 102 SCL (2005)
Category: Computer-to-Plate

Price [EUR]: your offer please
Kolbus KM 472.A (2000)
Kolbus KM 472.A (2000)
Category: Binding & Gluing

Price [EUR]: Your offer please
Bobst Farma 36 (1978)
Bobst Farma 36 (1978)
Category: Foldingbox - gluing

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Roland 504LV (2005)
Roland 504LV (2005)
Category: 4 Colors

Price [EUR]: Please call

What we do

  • Our business, like that of any successful business, has been built on a solid foundation of customer service.
  • W.I.S. provides quality used printing equipment throughout the world. We can supply you with used or completely rebuilt equipment and also we can sell you equipment in AS IS Condition to help with reducing the cost to you, we ship all over the world and can supply from one piece to a complete shop.
  • W.I.S. stands behind every machine that we sell. We thoroughly investigate all our press purchases to be sure that the machine is real and is free from any major defects. We take responsibility for delivery, rigging, insurance, installation, training, manuals, electrical transformer, print/register guarantee, major defects guarantee.
  • We offer a complete turnkey package from start to finish, including arrangement of financing and thorough quality guarantees. The only thing the customer has to organize is where they would like to put the press in their facility and when they want to take delivery.
  • In addition to our used equipment brokering service W.I.S. performs: Appraisals that can be performed from our desks with information supplied by the owner or after an on-site inspection by a W.I.S. representative.
  • Liquidation Sales for customers that must move equipment in the near future. This may be due to a business failure, a building liquidation or plant closing. The Liquidation Sale is an alternative to an auction. It gives you, the equipment owner, more control over the selling price.

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